CoinPot( Microwallet Review And Anything You Need To Know

Here is another great review from netview Team, About As the Cryto Enthusiasts knows, which may not be known by cryto beginners. finally we will clear your doubts, Everyone is welcomed here. is a microwallet that was launched in July 2017 which service as some faucets wallet, which is designed to help store many of the larger cryptocurrencies, Coinpot Support some crytocurrencie like of Bitcoin, Litecoin, dogecoin, dashcoin and Bitcoin cash. 

What Is A Coinpot Wallet Microwallet? is a crytocurrency micro wallet, which allow you to save some of crytocurrency supported in it. This wallet also Served as a converter, which allows you to convert between those crytocurrencies that are inside the wallet for free (0% charged)

Coinpot Payments or Withdrawal To Your Wallet ( How Its Works) ?

Coinpot is not an instant withdrawal to your wallet, when withdrawing any crytocurrency from Coinpot wallet to your any other wallet its can take some hours before its reflect in your wallet, normally it's takes 48hours maximum to see your coins appeared in your wallet.

How CoinPot Microwallet Instant Payment Crypto Faucet Works?

This faucet is mainly to serve Its partners company, this companies are some of the crytocurrencies faucets and they are high paying  Faucet, Which I will Recommend this great faucets as the best way to make some free Bitcoin and other crytocurrencies for free. I know you may heard about this great faucets that they pays well. Each of them has similar payout systems like 25-50% referral commissions for bringing people into the system and getting them paid out into your coin wallet. The faucet is said to be designed to pay you out when you want to claim your money.

What Are The Faucets Connected To Coinpot ?

Here Are The sites connected to CoinPot, other who claim to pay you with Coinpot wallet, will seems as a scam:

1. Moon Bitcoin
2. Bit Fun
3. Bonus Bitcoin
4. Moon Bitcoin Cash
5. Moon Litecoin
6. Moon Dash
7. Moon Dogecoin.

Is Risk ?

Great we are here, According to some reviews Coinpot is tagged to as scam or dangerous But For my own view I see no risk on this wallet and its connected faucets. But in the other way this wallet can be seeing as dangerous.

Basically, I will consider the company a very high-risk website that you use at your own risk, some others people seems Coinpot as a scam, which some take it as not that, I too for my own view, I can't say they are scam, because I have collected several payments with them.

My Suggestion When Using Coinpot (What You Need To Know When Using Coinpot.

Coinpot is a good wallet, when sees the good outputs its given to its users. All Coinpot users should take a note of this Wallet, this Wallet is running based on its own. because we don't know who are running this Wallet like others wallet that they may provide their users wall and even biography. A great advice to give users is they should not keep their money in Coinpot wallet, when you reach threshold or want to convert your coins from one to other, do it all possible to withdraw your money back to your wallet. Some people take this Wallet as a place to save their crytocurrencies, which is a big mistake they did. what I want you to know is that this Wallet can walkout away at any time and moments.

Who Is Behind CoinPot?

You see my thoughts comes again, some users may say they are paying, yes we know that. they are paying can last for ever, Like other similar platforms, Coin Pot has no information about it's team on the website. And that is a red flag for any company. Honesty and transparency are two things that a company must have if they want to be trusted. And as far as Coin Pot goes, they have neither. Again, consider Coin Pot a very high-risk platform


CoinPot is not an investment platform instead is just a microwallet. Coinpot really pays its users when request your payout to your wallet.

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