Google Adsense Account Approval Tricks [Google Adsense Approval Tips] 2019

Google Adsense is the greatest way of earning revenue for webmasters/bloggers. Here I will outline some trick/tips to get your website Approved by google AdSense.

Making money online is now the best source to make an extra money to your bank. some take it as part - Time, though some take it as full time source of their way of making money.

As we are in the new generation, there are many ways to Make money online, yes I said many because when we say 'internet' this word only take alots.

As we know, AdSense is the best way of making money online through your blog, but one reason, some Webmasters/blogger (publisher) find it hard to get their blog approved by google AdSense due to some failure of AdSense criteria policies and terms of services.

Google Adsense is the great ad network offers to high CPC rates and show ads related to the content which increases the CTR rates and helps to earn more and more revenue. Google Adsense pays high CPC rates vary between the range of $0.01 – $15 depends on the visitors geography.

Below I will out list some tips/tricks to get your website/blog approved by Google AdSense.

1. Unique Contents (Write - high quality contents)

This is what usually fail Webmasters/bloggers, AdSense only go for unique contents. what Webmasters need to know is copy and paste is not the way to success in blogging career, but to write high quality contents your self or hire some Contents writers. what to know is AdSense only approved a blog with high quality contents.

2. Sufficient Contents/Texts or posts

there is no such chance that your website needs so much post before got approved by Google AdSense. But make sure that you have enough post on your blog. write at least 35 - 40 posts and each with 700+ words. Contents is what to focus first on your blog

3. User-Friendly Design

Yeah, this is also important for chances to get your blog approved by AdSense. your blog need to be a mobile and pc friendly which a user will find it easy to browse your website/blog and make sure your blog navigation is clean and user friendly.

4. Blog Domain Age (Restriction To Some Asian Country)

some restrictions have been in some Asian country. what I mean here is in some Asian country your blog/website need to stand online for great 6months before you apply for google AdSense. possibly if you apply, there is a lots of chance to get your blog disapproved.

5. Enter all these pages

Enter About, Contact us, Disclaimer, privacy policy etc. pages in your blog. There are some such blogs that, despite all this, Adsense is approved, but it is a matter of luck. If you add these pages to your blog then your chances will increase further. It has also been seen that Adsense approves some of the blogs for the reason that they contain all these pages. All these pages are needed for a blog. Which gives your visitors information about your blog or website.

6. Language Support

It is not that you have created a blog of any language and Adsense will approve it. Adsense supports only a few languages and Hindi is one of them. Click here to find the full language list.


Easy Google Adsense Account Approval Trick/Tips 2019

If you want your AdSense account to be approved quickly, have a look on below tips.

1) Write a post 30 - 40 posts with minimum of  600 words.

2) Do not forget to add, About, Contact, Disclaimer or Terms & Conditions page.

3) Do not worry about the visitor. In any number of visitors, you can apply, just the quality of your posts should be good.

4) After applying for Adsense, do not leave your blog like this. Keep posting something or every day, but do not copy it.

5) Make a mobile-friendly design only.

Do not forget to read Adsense Terms and Conditions once you apply.

These are all Google Adsense Account Approval Trick 2019. With the help of all this, you can easily approve your Adsense account. If you have any clearance about approvals, then you can tell me.

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