[solution] Fix Google Adsense Failed Identity Verification

Do you experience failed identity verification on your AdSense which results to blank ads and perhaps, unabled to receive payment, Ads no longer display
due to failed identity verification on your AdSense account?

And Bad News About This, Is Without MANUAL ACTION, There is no way to Fix this Problem and the bad about it is when you click on 'learn more' Button, instead to redirect you to where you are going to fix it... but it will finally redirect you to a 'Removed Page' (406 Page).

Is This message on Your AdSense Account And Ads Not Showing Here Due To This?

"Your ad units aren't displaying ads because you've failed identity verification. To verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us"

Looking For Solution Right?

Great you are here, With this simple Trick you can have another Opportunity to verify your Identity After Exhausting Your First Chances.

Would My Blog/Website Continue Serving Ads After This Trick?

Yea, The answer is yes.. your ads will be available within 24hours..


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