Simple steps for recharging your Prepaid Meter (ikedc)

How can I recharge my prepaid meter is one question a new user asked me one day on my way back home and I have been wondering why such simple steps for recharging your Prepaid meter was not available for him to learn.

I'm going to be breaking down the simple steps you will need to follow when recharging your Prepaid meter and a bonus steps for also check your meter balance.

Steps for recharging ikedc & ekedc prepaid meter;

You must have asked yourself, how can I recharge my prepaid meter? Please follow these steps

1) visit any vendor shop around you and purchase the ikedc or ekedc token and take it home.
2) it is important to enter your correct meter number at the point of purchase. If not u have paid for someone else. Not to worry they will ask you the name you use for meter registration.
3) connect your uiu box to the prepaid meter.
4) make sure your account is under ikedc or ekedc, they both have different options.
5) Enter the token number and click enter. That all.

How to check ikedc prepaid meter balance

Now we will be talking how to check token balance.

You can check your Ikeja electric balance on the edmi prepaid meter with just two steps below;

1) Enter these number 37 on the prepaid meter.
2), ones you enter the number click enter and the balance will be displayed.

That is all we have now for Ikeja electric prepaid meter technology issues.

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