Zwerl (Sphere) Review, Referral, Faq, Payments proof And Anything You Need To Know

As You are here, we are going to clear your doubts About Zwerl (Sphere) and Payments proof. This is a clear Review on Zwerl social chat 2019 With 2019 Payments proof

Zwerl (Sphere) Is a chatting Platform which allow you to chat, ask question and help other users too to get way out of their problems (Answer question)
Zwerl also pays you for all above activities.

As me (NetView Admin) Have not yet got any payments yet, but I can assured you of 3 of my friends got paid with this social platform, one got his first payout and the two others got their second payouts.

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT Zwerl (Sphere) Social Chat, How They Works, Payments And Anything.

What is a Zwerl (Sphere) Social Chat?

Zwerl is a new kind of messenger that brings you social search. Find out anything from people all over the world through real time chats, while also getting rewarded for sharing helpful information.

Search for whatever you need to know in academics, health, dating, cooking, fashion, translation, travel, coding, finance, fitness, or pretty much anything else. Others will help instantly by sharing what they know in chats. Respond to other people’s live searches as well, and when you share information that people find helpful, you get rewards.

What is the queue?

What does it mean if I'm in the queue? How can I find out my place in the queue?

Some people are placed into a queue when they join. If you're in the queue, you can’t earn cash rewards until you get full access.

You can see your position in the queue across our app, and we’ll give people in the queue full access in batches. When you have full access you’ll be able to start earning cash rewards as well as reputation and badges.

You can move up the queue by earning reputation and making referrals. You must have high-quality chats in order to be given full access. Other people may move up faster, which is why your queue number may shift up and down.

If you were referred by someone who has full access, you’ll both have the referral bonus added to your balances when you reach 500 reputation. If you’re in the queue and someone signs up using your referral code, when that person reaches 500 reputation you’ll get to jump ahead in the queue, helping you get closer to full access and cash rewards.

How can I be rewarded for answering chat requests? What Rewards are available on Zwerl?

On Zwerl, you get reward on Zwerl by giving helpful answers in three different ways: Badges, Reputation and Monetary Bonuses.


You can earn Badges for doing various things on Zwerl from giving a great answer to asking a popular question or using Zwerl regularly.


Reputation  is awarded to people who are endorsed by users and others for giving helpful answers in chats.

Menetary Bonuses

Monetary Bonuses are awarded to people who give helpful answers based on their Reputation. The more helpful answers you give, the more you can earn! There is no maximum limit to how much you can earn.

Badges and Reputation?
What are Badges and how can I earn them? What is Reputation? How can I see my Badges and Reputation Score?

At Zwerl we try to ensure the most helpful perso in each chat is rewarded.

As well as paying the people who are endorsed by the user and others in the chat, we use Question recognise participation and contribution in chats.

Badges demonstrate people's experience and reliability to users, and help them build a reputation as a knowledgeable person on Zwerl. They also demonstrate user's track records to everyone, and reward users for using Zwerl regularly.

Badges are grouped into three categories depending on the level of contribution required to achieve them, with Bronze being the easiest to achieve, followed by Silver and Gold as they get more difficult to achieve. The number of Badges you have won in each category is shown to users at the beginning of chats.

You can win the same Badge multiple times, and you can also gain Reputation when your answers are chosen by users or other experts. It's possible to lose Reputation if you give poor answers, so make sure you're comfortable with the questions you choose to answer.

Your Reputation Score and Badges act as a long-term demonstration of your knowledge and experience and help users choose which expert they want to lead the chat. Once the chat has started you can Like specific messages that you feel are particularly helpful or relevant to the question asked.

Badges and Reputation are only available through Group Chats, not through Favorited or one-on-one chats.

You can also receive a monetary bonus for chats where you receive endorsements.

Badges available for participation


  • Curious - Joined a chat
  • Teacher - Participated in a chat
  • Observer - Watched a chat without sending a message
  • Nice answer - Endorsed by 25% of chat participants
  • Unsung hero - Unanswered chat: endorsed by 50% of chat participants


  • Enlightened - Best Simple Answer and endorsed by user
  • Guru - Most helpful and endorsed by 25% of chat participants
  • Quick thinker - Short chat: endorsed by 25% of chat participants
  • Good answer - Endorsed by 50% of chat participants


  • Great answer - Endorsed by 75% of chat participants
  • Master - Endorsed by all other chat participants

Badges available for asking questions


  • Inquisitive - Asked your first question
  • Supporter - Endorsed your first expert
  • Patron - Favorited your first expert
  • Advocate - First favorited expert chat finished
  • Socratic - Asked a question over 50 characters long


  • Good question - Had 5 or more active experts in a chat


  • Great question - Had 10 or more active experts in a chat

Badges available for regularly using Zwerl


  • Enthusiast - Active 2 days running (days are counted as the 24-hour period following each time you are active on Zwerl)
  • Scholar - Asked and answered in the same day


  • Devotee - Active 7 days running
  • Thinker - Asked 10 questions
  • Explainer - Answered 10 chats


  • Fanatic - Active 28 days running
  • Intellect - Asked 100 questions
  • Illuminator - Answered 100 chats

Badges available for receiving and giving message likes


  • Sponsor - Liked at least 1 message in a chat
  • Popular - Received at least 1 like in a chat


  • Moderator - Liked 5 messages in a chat
  • Notable - Received 5 likes in a chat
  • Psychic - Liked a message another user later liked


  • Reviewer - Liked 10 messages in a chat
  • Famous - Received 10 likes in a chat
  • Omniscient - Liked a message 5 more users later liked

Badges for Live Recommendations


  • Helper - Created a Live Recommendation


  • Assistant - Created 3 Live Recommendations


  • Guide - Your Live Recommendation was selected
  • Adviser - Created 5 Live


How is reputation awarded?

  • +100 for an expert getting a most helpful endorsement from another expert
  • +200 for an expert for getting the best answer endorsement from the user
  • Reputation is only awarded when the user says their question is answered.

To be eligible for payment you need to vote at the end of each chat. Voting means choosing the person that gave the most helpful answer in the chat or choosing no one. If you leave a chat early, you should use the "I don't know" option on the endorsement screen, however please be aware that this means you will be ineligible for payment.

How do rewards work if I have full access? How are my earnings calculated?

People on Zwerl earn a fixed maximum amount per chat that they participate in, regardless of how long the chat lasted (although all group chats are limited to 10 minutes).

Badges and Reputation show which people are contributing positively to the Zwerl Community and answering users’ questions effectively.

We use the Reputation Score you’ve attained to assign you to a Reputation Level. As you answer more chat requests and your Reputation Score increases, your Reputation Level will increase and the amount you’ll be able to earn for successfully answering a chat will increase.

The Reputation Levels are as follows:

For example, if you have a Reputation score of 700, you can earn up to $1.20 per chat.


Your earnings also take into account the number of endorsements you receive at the end of each chat, so if you receive 80% of the endorsements for a chat you’ll earn 80% of your Reputation Level maximum. For example if you have 4K Reputation and receive 46% endorsement in a chat you’ll receive $0.60 for that chat (46% of $1.30).

If you don't receive any earnings from group chats, it could be because:

  • You have not received endorsements from the user or other participants.
  • You voted ‘I don’t know' at the end of the chat. Our guidelines state that to be eligible for payment you need to vote at the end of each chat. Voting means choosing the person that gave the most helpful answer in the chat, or voting for no one. If you leave a chat early, you should use the "I don't know" option on the endorsement screen, however please be aware that this means you will be ineligible for payment.
  • The user voted 'no one' at the end of the chat, indicating that their question was not answered. If the user votes ‘no one’, then this is considered an unanswered question, making all participants ineligible for any payment.
  • The user did not send any messages, and did not leave a vote at the end of the chat. We consider this to be an inactive chat, and do not issue payments.
  • You were part of the group chat for less than 30 seconds. If you leave before 30 seconds you may be ineligible to vote.

You must not ask others to endorse you in exchange for endorsement in group chats (e.g. ‘If you vote for me, I’ll vote for you’). This is strictly prohibited on Zwerl and you risk being suspended. You may, however, remind others how to endorse you for giving a good answer.

Community Bonus

We’ll continue to add your Community Bonus to your earnings when you create chat requests, and you’ll be able to see your current Community Bonus on your Profile.

Daily Bonus

We reward a Daily Chat Bonus for the first chat you answer each day. This is in addition to any chat earnings you may have for that chat, and will be shown separately on the summary screen.

You only get a daily bonus if it's been 24 hours since your last daily bonus. For example, if you receive a daily bonus at 12pm on Monday, and answer a few chat requests on Tuesday prior to 12pm, you would not receive the bonus. You need to answer chat requests at or after 12pm to receive it in this case.

To receive your daily bonus, you must vote for either another person, or ‘no one’. If you vote ‘don’t know’, you will not be eligible for any payment. The user must also vote for someone, indicating that their question was answered. If the user votes ‘no one’, then this is considered an unanswered question, making all participants ineligible for any payment (including the daily bonus).

How do your referral programs work?
How to make a referral if you have friends or family that want to use Zwerl.

We run several referral programs for people who have friends that are interested in answering questions on Zwerl, and test new programs frequently. You can see the referral bonus you'll receive by navigating to the banner in your account.
  • Here is My Code 👉 AZ6TN1 👈
To refer a friend, simply click on “Invite friends” on your profile and either copy your referral code to send to a friend or use the sharing options on the app to share your code.

To be eligible to receive the referral bonus, the person you refer must enter your referral code in their Profile. Once that person has received 500 reputation points, you and the person you referred will automatically be credited your referral bonuses (you’ll both see it updated in your balances).

There is currently no limit to how many people you can refer.

Receiving your referral bonus

We update your referral bonus in real time, so whenever someone you referred reaches 500 reputation, it will automatically be added to your balance.

If the person you referred enters the referral code sometime after they have already hit 500 reputation, unfortunately you will not receive the referral bonus.

Sharing your referral code

You're welcome to send your referral code to as many people as you'd like, please be sure to refer to us clearly as Zwerl when you do.

How To Get Started/Join Zwerl (Sphere)?

Zwerl is easy to sign up.

  • Here is My Code 👉 AZ6TN1 👈
Download App Below, Note Don't Forget To Use Above Code When Signing Up, To Jump Your Reputation.


Zwerl (Sphere) Pays its users on monthly Basics, A user Got paid when he reached the minimum Amount of $20.


This is a newly payment received January 12 2019, this payment is gotten by a friend.


Visit their Help center, To find more about them 👉 Zwerl (Sphere) Help Center Here 👈


Knows you know cleared your doubts, here is anything you need to know about Zwerl. We need your thoughts, you can comment your own view about Zwerl. We need other saying not only us.

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